A Simple Path For Women To Launch A Recruiting Career

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Get Paid What You're Worth In This High Demand Career Field

Goodbye Limiting 9-to-5 Hours

No need to be stuck at the office all day!

No Need For More Schooling

It's a myth that you need more student loans and another degree

Stop Sacrificing Family Time

Choosing between your career and family is unnecessary

Generate Additional Income Doing Something That Excites You

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Get In Control Of Your Career And Schedule


You decide how much time you commit to it

Fulfill Market Needs


Job candidates are in dire need of your relationship building skills

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A Simple System


RecruitHERS Academy makes recruiting easy to learn

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The RecruitHERS Academy Journey

Designed For Women Who Want To Relaunch Their Career on Their Terms

  • Are you considering reinventing your career while helping others succeed?
  • Do you love meeting new people and build strong relationships?
  • Do you enjoy highlighting other's values and strengths to help them progress in their career?
  • Do you want to set your own goals and compete against yourself in order to reach your personal best.

 If any of these questions sparked some curiosity or excitement, RecruitHERS Academy is designed for you.

 Being a recruiter is not about cold calling, bothering people with random messages, or constantly running around trying to get new leads.

Your purpose as a recruiter is know the individual in front of you so well, that you can highlight what they do best and position them to succeed in a role that's the perfect fit for their strengths, passions, and company objectives. You will leverage your communication, empathy, and organization skills, to help others by matching people to new job opportunities.


Recruiting is an in-demand career that supports high-growth industries, which is why we built this training program based on what hiring managers need from Recruiters to meet this demand.

RecruiteHERS Academy seeks to prepare you not just to help others succeed but to hone your ability to:

  • build a career that's fulfilling, 
  • financially rewarding, and
  • keeps you in control of your schedule

RecruitHERS Academy is fueled by 40+ years of experience from women who have reignited their careers while staying present for their families.


This is about women helping women unleash their untapped talent as a recruiter.

 RecruitHERS Academy a comprehensive recruiter training program that takes you from knowing nothing about the profession to landing your first paid placement!   

 You'll have access to exclusive resources, content, and job leads that will help you stay ahead of the curve and succeed in your new career.

 The cherry on top? You don't need prior experience and you can work from home!

So, if you're ready to take your career to the next level, join us at RecruitHERS Academy. We can't wait to help you achieve your goals!

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About Us


Our classes are taught by dedicated and experienced professionals with combined over 40 years of experience.


We are a women-helping-women business dedicated to helping untapped talent launch careers in recruiting


Your success is our priority. We provide flexible learning methods to meet each student's needs.

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